Land Conservation Program

The town has officially launched its new Land Conservation Program. The program, developed by the town’s Environment Committee, will enable qualifying town residents to give gifts of open space to the town in order to protect that open space in perpetuity.

Voluntary Donations
Such voluntary donations, which could provide tax benefits to the donor, would be done through conservation easements or other agreements under which the town is the named beneficiary, or by conveying land in fee simple to the town.
Program Objectives
The objectives of the program include:
  • Protecting and expanding town open spaces and natural resources
  • Protecting the town’s distinctive neighborhood character
  • Maintaining the town’s mature tree canopy
Program Features & Eligibility
Features of the program include an open space inventory that identifies certain areas in town that lend themselves to being protected as open space, as well as eligibility guidelines for the town to accept donations of conservation easements or land in fee simple. The guidelines describe the conservation purposes of the program to potential donors and give examples of types of properties that would be eligible for the program.  The Town also has developed Land Acquisition Standards & Procedures which outlines the typical steps involved in the Conservation Easement donation process.

View the Question and Answer Brochure on the Town's Land Conservation Program.

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