1. Climate & Environment

    The mission of the Climate and Environment Committee is to inspire and facilitate energy conservation and environmental stewardship by the Town and its residents through education, government policies, and incentives.

  2. Community Relations

    The mission of the Community Relations Committee is to create a deep sense of community and neighborliness among the town's residents. The committee organizes activities and events aimed at residents of all ages and interests; communicates to town residents the information they need to be active participants in the town; and helps residents reach out to their town government so that it will be responsive to their needs and concerns. The committee also provides opportunities for community service.

  3. Land Use

    The mission of the Land Use Committee is to consider and recommend solutions to issues and concerns relating to land use and construction in the Town of Chevy Chase that may be identified by the Town Council, town residents, or the committee itself, to advise the council on the use of existing town authority to control development and redevelopment, and to identify laws, policies, and practices related to development that the town may wish to use.

  4. Long-Range Planning

    The Long-Range Planning Committee identifies, monitors and analyzes emerging trends and local, county and state activities that could affect the Town's quality of life and recommends appropriate Council actions. It also monitors implementation of the Town's Strategic Plan.

  5. Public Services Committee

    The Public Services Committee of the Town of Chevy Chase is charged with helping the town deliver high quality services and promote a safe environment for our residents. Public services of interest include those provided solely by the town as well as those services that are partially or fully provided by other governmental and/or private entities. These services include public safety, water run-off, utilities, and town maintenance.

  6. Special Committee on the Bethesda Downtown Plan

    The Special Committee on the Bethesda Downtown Plan develops a coordinated approach to addressing and reducing the impacts of the proposed zoning and also seeks improvements in our quality of life, such as additional green spaces.

  7. Special Committee on Purple Line Mitigation

    The Special Committee on Purple Line Mitigation will develop a coordinated approach to ensure that the mitigation measures already agreed are in fact implemented; that additional mitigation measures are proposed if necessary; and to address other issues which must be resolved, such as underpass access.