Hiring Quiet Landscaping Contractors

Noise Responsible Landscape Companies

The town staff and the Environment Committee hosted a noise awareness meeting inviting all the landscape companies who work in the town. We presented information on the new Town Noise Ordinance, educated attendees about resident concerns, and made specific recommendations about how they could work to reduce noise produced by landscape machinery. It was well-attended and we had a productive exchange.

Pledge to Be Noise Responsible

As an incentive for landscape businesses to work more quietly, the Environment Committee presented the Pledge to Be Noise Responsible that the companies could voluntarily take. The representatives of the landscape businesses were informed that information about those who agreed to sign the pledge would be shared with town residents.

We hope it’s a win-win: residents who want to hire a company that takes noise abatement seriously will have the information they need to do so, and businesses who choose to take the pledge get some free promotion.

Two Parts to the Pledge

The pledge has two parts:

  • The first simply lists four steps that we expect all businesses could and should take.
  • The second lists several additional noise mitigation actions that we encourage.

Each business that takes the pledge can check off the steps they commit to take, and that information will be presented on a spreadsheet on the town website.


We want to thank the representatives who came to the meeting. We think they left with a clear understanding of resident concerns, and we were happy to hear about their willingness to be sensitive to residents and to work more quietly. If the landscape company you use is not on this list, please encourage them to contact the town to learn what they missed or to download the pledge.

The List