Public Safety

The Town hires off-duty Montgomery County police officers to patrol town streets and parks. The officers continuously travel along all town streets during their shifts. They also provide foot patrols of town parks and pathways.  The officers' shifts include morning and evening rush hours so that they can provide entry restriction enforcement. At other times, the officers enforce the town's speed limits and other traffic laws.

Area Crimes
For information on area crimes, view the recent crime summaries on the Montgomery County Department of Police website or on Montgomery County updates both of these sites regularly.

The Town's Crimewatch gives a report of recent crimes reported by residents.

Neighborhood Watch
The Neighborhood Watch Program still seeks more residents to participate as block captains. This program is open to all residents. For more information or to volunteer to become a block captain, please contact Management Assistant Christopher Quintyne at (301) 654-7144.
View Neighborhood Watch Agendas & Minutes.

Reporting Crimes
Please report all crimes or suspicious activity to the police at 301-279-8000. These reports result in increased police coverage in town.  In any emergency situation, residents should always call 911.

Residents may also file a police report online through Montgomery County's website.  Please note that emergency situations and crimes in progress should always be reported by calling 911.

In addition, please report incidents to the Town Office so that we can notify our off-duty Montgomery County police officers. Any information you can give to the police about criminal or suspicious activity in town will help to make us safer.

Also, when you contact the Town Office to report crimes, you help us provide accurate crime information in Town Crier notices, the Forecast, and the Town's Crimewatch report on the website.

Fire Safety
Montgomery County has provided a list of fire safety tips. You are encouraged to download and print this sheet and keep it in a location where it can be easily referenced.

Maryland Updates Smoke Alarm Law
Important Information You Need to Know

1. Maryland's new smoke alarm law requires the replacement of all battery-only operated smoke alarms with units powered by sealed-in 10 year long-life batteries.

2. All smoke alarms have expiration dates.  Both hard-wired and battery-operated smoke alarms need to be replaced every ten years.  If your smoke alarm has not been replaced since 2003, it's time!

3. Location, location, location- smoke alarms are required to be located outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home including basements (finished or unfinished).

4. For homes constructed since 1994, smoke alarms have been required inside all sleeping rooms.  For maximum protection, fire officials recommend installing smoke alarms in sleeping rooms regardless of the year of construction.

5. Homeowners have until January 1, 2018 to comply with the new law.  Any resident requiring information or assistance can call 3-1-1.

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