Trash & Recycling

Household Trash Collection

Household trash is collected twice weekly. Please contain your trash in lidded containers. These containers should be placed out by 7 a.m. The town offers backdoor trash collection, so you can leave your containers anywhere on your property as long as they are accessible to the collection crews.

Collection Schedule

  • If you live east of Maple Avenue or on the east side of Maple Avenue, your household trash is collected on Monday and Thursday.
  • If you live west of Maple Avenue or on the west side of Maple, your household trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday.
  • If you live on East-West Highway, Connecticut Avenue, or Bradley Lane, your household trash is collected on Tuesday and Friday.

Recycling and trash collection are not provided on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Special Trash Pickup

Special trash pick ups are provided for a fee, determined by the trash contractor. These pickups are used to dispose of those items not included in household trash. To arrange for a special pick up, call Goode Companies, the Town’s household trash contractor, at 240-876-5542. You will schedule the pick up and pay the contractor directly.

Single Stream Recycling

Recycling is collected weekly on Wednesday. The Town offers backdoor, single-stream recycling, allowing residents to place all recyclable materials into their 64 gallon cart, which can be left anywhere on your property as long as it is accessible to the collection crews. Recyclable items should be in Town recycling carts, by 7 a.m to be collected. The Town may only issue one (1) 64 gallon cart per residence. If your cart has been damaged or needs to be replaced, please contact the Town Office at or 301-654-7144. The cart will be dropped off at the curb in front of your house.

Single-stream recycling guide

Yard Trash Recycling

  • The Town offers curbside collection of yard trash on Mondays.
  • Trimmings should be placed at the curb by 7 a.m.
  • Leaves, grass, and other trimmings should be placed in reusable containers or paper bags.
  • Brush should be tied into bundles with string.
  • Bundles should not exceed 30 inches in diameter, 4 feet in length, and 4 inches in diameter per piece.
  • Christmas Tree Disposal - Remove all ornaments and tinsel from the trees, and place them at curbside.

Household Organic Waste Collection

Household organic waste is collected curbside every Tuesday. This is a voluntary service. Upon opting to receive service, participants receive one (1) 5-gallon bin and liner. On collection day, the contractor will empty the bin, wipe it down, replace the liner and return it to the curb. This program allows for one bin per household; however, you may arrange to have additional bins collected for an additional fee by contacting Compost Crew at (301) 202-4450 or by visiting their website at

Residents wishing to opt-in to this service may do so by signing up directly with The Compost Crew.

A compostable materials list is available here.

Trash & Treasure Weekends

Twice a year the Town provides a special service allowing residents to discard at curbside unwanted items from garages, basements, attics, and yards. The dates and guidelines for "Trash & Treasures" and the Town's "Recycling and Repurposing" event are published in the Town’s newsletter, the Forecast, in the month of the events.

The following items will not be collected as bulk trash: construction debris; parts of automobiles, boats, or trailers; loose glass; firewood or fencing; paint cans; flammable or hazardous liquids or solids; recyclable items, including newspapers, mixed paper, cardboard, books, magazines, or plastic bins; shrubbery cuttings, yard clippings, leaves, or grass.

Household Hazardous Waste

The Town periodically schedules a Household Hazardous Waste drop-off event at the Lawton Center.  Watch the Town Forecast newsletter for an announcement.  Household Hazardous Waste consists of:  acids, aerosols, antifreeze, batteries (car and household), brake fluid, craft chemicals, degreasers, drain cleaners, fertilizers, fluorescent lights, fuel, fungicides, gasoline, herbicides, hobby chemicals, household cleaners, items containing mercury, motor oil, oil filters, paint thinners, paints, pest strips, pesticides, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, solvent, stains, and varnishes. Items that will not be accepted include ammunition, explosives, biohazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, radioactive waste, or tires. 

The County also offers Household Hazardous Waste drop-off year-round at the Shady Grove Transfer Station.