Town Services

  1. Building & Permitting

    If you are planning a building project, you will find the permitting information you need here.

  2. Consulting Water Management Program

    Obtain professional recommendations on improving water management on your property.

  3. Land Conservation Program

    See if you qualify to give gifts of open space to the town in order to protect that open space in perpetuity.

  4. Leaf Collection

    Learn about the Leaf Collection program.

  5. Noise Control

    Read about our Noise Control regulations and how to report a complaint.

  6. Parking

    Obtain information about permits and disabled parking.

  7. Public Safety

    Find crime reports, learn about security patrols, fire safety, and more.

  8. Snow Removal

    Read information about the snow removal services.

  9. Streets & Sidewalks

    View information about street and sidewalk maintenance.

  10. Trash, Recycling, & Composting

    Get information about the trash and recycling services.

  11. Trees

    Find out about the maintenance of the parks and trees in the town.

  12. Voter Registration

    Register to vote in the next town election.