Special Committee on Purple Line Mitigation 

Mission Statement

The Special Committee on Purple Line Mitigation will develop a coordinated approach to ensure that the mitigation measures already agreed are in fact implemented; that additional mitigation measures are proposed if necessary; and to address other issues which must be resolved, such as underpass access.


  • John Bickerman, Council Liaison
  • Mary Flynn, Council Liaison
  • Jeff Marquesee, Co-Chair
  • Jacob Bardin
  • John Beale
  • Jeffrey Berger
  • Rich Brancato
  • Richard English
  • Donald Farren

  • John Fitzgerald
  • Andy Hill
  • Irving Kaminsky
  • Franis Kline
  • Don MacGlashan
  • Christine Real de Azua
  • Richard Reeves
  • Stuart Sessions

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting.  Minutes are posted upon approval at a regularly scheduled committee meeting.

Research & Official Communications