Town News


Posted on: November 20, 2020

County Growth, Infrastructure and Development Plans

On November 19, the County Planning Board held a public hearing on Thrive Montgomery 2050, a proposed plan to guide the County’s growth and development for the next 30 years.  The Town submitted written comments, prepared in collaboration with 26 other communities, and provided oral testimony. Starting in December, the Planning Board will hold work sessions before submitting the final draft to the County Council around March 2021.

The County Council recently approved the 2020-2024 Growth and Infrastructure Policy (formerly known as the Subdivision Staging Policy).  Significant changes in the updated policy are the elimination of residential building moratoria if schools become overcrowded (instead, developers who want to build new housing in an area with overcrowded schools will be charged an additional fee) and the elimination of the motor vehicle adequacy test in urban areas like Bethesda.  Under the new policy, the County will lose revenue because developer taxes and fees were reduced; the County Council intends to raise recordation taxes to recoup this lost revenue.  The Town provided correspondence and testimony outlining the Town’s key positions on the policy update.

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