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Two-Party Noise Disturbance Complaint

  1. Overview

    The information provided on this form will be used to satisfy various legal requirements. It is therefore necessary that the information be accurate and complete. Only the facts concerning one event of an alleged violation of the Town of Chevy Chase’s noise law are to be provided on a single form. If you wish to report on more than one event, you must describe each of the other events on a separate form.

    An enforcement officer may issue a municipal infraction citation for any violation of Chapter 16 of the Town Code if the enforcement officer witnesses the violation or receives written complaints from at least two (2) witnesses, who are not residents at the same address, of a noise disturbance. Complaints by two (2) witnesses are required to issue a citation, but are not required to prove that a person violated the Town’s noise ordinance. The two signatures at the bottom of the form must be the legal signatures of the individuals reporting the alleged disturbance. Each individual must be over the age of 18. Each person must read all statements, particularly those dealing with conditions necessary to establish a noise disturbance, and fully understand that their testimony will be required should this matter be heard in a court of law. Please note that your name will be provided to the alleged violator at the time of issuance of the municipal citation.

    If the act that you cite is not a violation of the noise law, you will be informed in writing of this fact and the reason for the determination.

  2. Affidavit *
    We state, and are willing to state in a court of law, that the sound produced from the performance of the act cited above occurred outside of the hours allowed for construction or landscaping in the Town of Chevy Chase. In accordance with Section 16-1(4)b, we request that you take enforcement action for the above-detailed noise disturbance.
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