Report and Request

Use the forms below to report a problem, request a service, or register for a program.
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Alert TOCC

  1. Alert TOCC

    Be notified with a phone call of service interruptions or responses to emergency situations.

Block Party

  1. Block Party Application

    Petition the Town to close streets for block parties.


  1. Two-Party Noise Disturbance Complaint

    Submit a noise complaint from at least two witnesses, who are not residents at the same address.


  1. Parking Permit Application/Renewal

    Apply for and renew parking permits.


  1. Consulting Arborist Program Application

    Request pruning and pest management recommendations from the Town's arborist.

  2. Private Native Tree Planting Program Application

    Request a native tree to be planted on your property.

  3. Public Tree Planting Request

    Request a tree to be planted in the Town's rights-of-way.

  1. Private Canopy Tree Maintenance Program Application

    Receive reimbursement for maintenance of canopy trees on your property.

  2. Public Tree Maintenance Request

    Request pruning or maintenance of trees in the Town's rights-of-way.

  3. Tree Removal Permit Application

    Apply for a permit to remove a tree on private property.

Water Management

  1. Consulting Water Management Program Application

    Receive an assessment of the effectiveness of water management on your property, including any recommendations for improvements.