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Posted on: February 3, 2021

Town Council Seeks Feedback on "Missing Middle Housing"

The Town Council wants to better understand residents' viewpoints about the prospect of the County Council changing zoning that would allow, by right, the construction of duplexes and triplexes on single lots and possible construction of townhouses and small apartment buildings on combined lots throughout the Town.  To contribute your views, please email your comments to

"Missing Middle Housing" describes a range of multi-family or clustered housing types that are compatible in scale with single-family or transitional neighborhoods. It is intended to meet the demand for more housing and more housing types in walkable neighborhoods, respond to changing demographics and provide housing at different price points. Rather than focusing on the number of units in a structure, "Missing Middle Housing" emphasizes scale and heights that are appropriate for single-family neighborhoods or transitional neighborhoods. Learn more by listening to the April 8 Town Forum recording (Access Passcode: SQJP!E4Y) or viewing the PowerPoint presentation.

 As this is a very important issue, residents are also encouraged to send comments directly to our County Councilmembers:

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