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Posted on: May 5, 2021

Council Approves New Traffic Policies

At its April 14 meeting, the Town Council approved a new radar speed sign policy, a revised speed hump policy, and the reduction of the Town-wide speed limit to 20 mph. Together these changes reflect the first set of remedial measures resulting from the recently completed Town-wide traffic study. The Council intends to discuss additional traffic study recommendations and associated remedial measures in the coming months.

The speed hump and radar speed sign policies are intended to expand options for traffic-calming devices and to simplify the process for requesting them. We have seen a substantial reduction in speeds on East Avenue since the Town installed its first radar speed sign there, so the Council has adopted a new radar speed sign policy to permit residents to request their installation. A radar sign can be approved following a petition and public hearing, with no traffic analysis required. The revised speed hump policy simplifies the petition process for new speed hump requests, reduces the speed threshold to support installation of new speed humps, and streamlines the engineering standards to be reviewed in evaluating requests for new speed humps.

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