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Posted on: December 14, 2022

Sidewalk Snow Removal and Assistance Resources

We would like to remind residents that the Town's contractor will clear public sidewalks if snowfall totals 6 inches or more, with discretion by Town officials to mobilize when icy or other conditions warrant. As soon as possible during or following winter storms, the Town will announce by Town Crier whether our contractor will clear and/or deice the public sidewalks.

If the Town does not activate its sidewalk snow removal program, residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks adjacent to their homes within 24 hours after precipitation has ended. This is a vital responsibility, as we frequently receive complaints from residents about packed snow and ice on Town sidewalks, creating dangerous conditions. Therefore, if you are away from Town or unable to clear your walks, please make arrangements for snow or ice on the sidewalk adjacent to your home to be cleared. And please be sure to monitor and treat sidewalks for icy conditions caused by thawing/freezing precipitation in the days following winter storms.

If you need assistance clearing snow from sidewalks and private property, we suggest contacting your current landscaping company, if applicable, to inquire about snow removal services, or you can contact any of the service providers listed on the Town website. We are currently updating this list to ensure that it is accurate for this winter. The Town also maintains a list of Town Teens who are willing to shovel, but please note that this online list is available only to residents who have an account on the Town website and have submitted a Resident Verification Form. You may contact the Town Office directly to obtain the names of the service providers and teens willing to help.

We ask all teens and others willing to shovel this winter to contact the Town Office so that we can keep our list current. 

We also encourage residents to use the private Town Neighbors listserv to seek help or offer assistance with snow removal.

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