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Parking Permit Application/Renewal

  1. Parking permits are issued only for vehicles belonging to residents who live on a street within a designated permit parking area. A permit parking map is available here.

    To renew permits or request new permits, simply complete this form. If requesting a new permit, and the vehicle is not registered at a Town address, you must provide proof of residency in the form of a lease, utility bill, or similar document. In addition to parking permits, one guest permit will be issued per household. Residents may request a second guest pass.  

    The parking permit should be permanently affixed to the left rear (driver’s side) bumper of the vehicle so as to facilitate the frequent checks made by the Town’s parking enforcement officers. The guest permit should be placed on the dashboard of the visitor’s car and retrieved after the visit. Vehicles that do not display current decals or guest passes will be ticketed.

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