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Safe Streets Community Project

  1. The Public Services Committee, with approval of the Town Council, is launching a ‘Slow Down and Stop’ Campaign. The campaign envisions a small-town ambience where all residents can safely enjoy walking, biking, chatting with neighbors, and benefitting from our beautiful tree-canopied neighborhood.

    This campaign is intended to remind drivers to observe the Town's speed limit and come to a full stop at stop signs. We see the campaign as a supplement to the Town's existing tools to enforce traffic regulations.

    We want your input. Please use this form to:

    Share your ideas about how to encourage people, residents and nonresidents alike, to drive safely in the Town, especially around the public amenities -- Chevy Chase Elementary School, the Lawton Community Center, Wonders Early Learning, and Oneness School. 

    Give feedback to the Committee about the campaign initiative.

    Report observed incidents of unsafe driving. Please include date, approximate time, location and description of the vehicle. Include the direction of travel and what was unsafe about the incident (speeding, near miss, failure to stop, etc).

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