Climate & Environment Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Climate and Environment Committee is to inspire and facilitate energy conservation and environmental stewardship by the Town and its residents through education, government policies, and incentives.

The Climate & Environment (C&E) committee is establishing a C&E Advisory Group that will provide occasional email feedback on committee initiatives. Whether you have a wealth of expertise in sustainability or just an interest in making the Town greener, we would love to work with you on activities that mean the most to you! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form or email


  • Joy White, Council Liaison & Co-Chair
  • Sheila Blum, Co-Chair
  • Christina Files
  • Michael Fu
  • Betsy Hague
  • Alice Horowitz
  • Sally Kelly
  • Simma Kupchan
  • Maria Pekala
  • Lisa Potetz
  • Frank Sanford
  • Mona Sarfaty
  • George Schu
  • Stuart Sessions

Current Initiatives

Canopy Tree ProgramsThis initiative works with Town Staff and Council to implement tree programs which support the development and maintenance of the Town's canopy. Areas of focus include the Town's Urban Forest ordinance and the Town's tree programs which include the Private Planting Program, Public Planting Program, Consulting Arborist Program and Private Tree Maintenance Program. See the Town's Tree Program page here.
EventsEvents sponsored by CEC can be scheduled by any of the initiatives working in conjunction with Town Staff for scheduling and advertising, managed overall by our events leads. Upcoming & Prior Events are located by topic on the Greening Our Town page.
Forecast TipsThis initiative works with Town Staff to publish monthly tips in the Town's Forecast newsletter. Tips are selected and written by members of the CEC on a monthly basis and are placed by topic on the Greening Our Town page and can be viewed here.
Green Town Fair, Events and Website ManagementThis initiative is responsible for overseeing Green Town Fair events and meetings and overall website management for the Climate and Environment Committee.
Healthy LawnsThis initiative is primarily focused on having the Town opt into the Montgomery County Healthy Lawns (cosmetic use of pesticides) Law, which has been extant since 2015. Future steps could include joining efforts with other initiatives to encourage smaller lawns and more native planting. Tips & prior events related to Healthy Lawns are located on the Greening Our Town page.
Lee Dennison Garden (Native Landscaping)Lee Dennison Garden is showcase native garden in Zimmerman Park to encourage residents to use native plantings. Lee Dennison was a Town resident who left a bequest for this purpose and this initiative works with Town Staff to maintain the garden and use it for native planting demonstration purposes. Information relating the LDG and Native Landscaping can be found on the Greening Our Town page.
Quiet LandscapingThis initiative works with Town Staff and Council to implement ordinance, program and policy changes in support of a quieter and cleaner Town environment. This includes quiet hour policies and Town ordinances governing the use of loud, fossil-fuel using equipment such as gas-powered leaf blowers. Future steps could include expanded efforts at creating a quieter and cleaner Town environment and encouraging landscaping that does not require the use of power equipment. Tips, Events and information relating to Quiet Landscaping are located on the Greening Our Town page.
Recycling, Composting and Trash & TreasuresThis initiative works ongoing with Town Staff and Council to implement effective Recycling, Garbage Collection and Composting Programs for Town residents, including the Trash & Treasures bi-annual event and a pilot program for household hazardous waste drop off during the Spring 2021 T&T event. This team is also exploring implementation of a Waste Wizrd tool to provide an easy way for residents to determine the appropriate disposal method for specific items. Information related to these topics are included on the Greening Our Town page.

Greening Our Town

We’ve done lots of the legwork for you! Greening our Town helps you assess your daily decisions from how you travel, to what you eat or buy, to how you fix up your house or tend your yards. Become more aware of the environmental impacts of those decisions and choose greener options.

Tips of the Month

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted upon approval at a regularly scheduled committee meeting.