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Native Canopy Tree Planting Program Application

  1. Each year the town offers a limited number of native canopy trees to be planted on private property on a first-come, first-served basis. The town will plant a tree only if the town arborist determines that there is an appropriate location on your property.

  2. Species

    The following species are available through the program. Please indicate if you have a preference. If you do not have a preference, or would like more information, the Town Arborist will contact you to discuss.

  3. Red Oak, Willow Oak, Swamp White Oak, and Blackgum trees may only be planted in the spring. Red Maple and Sugar Maple trees may be planted in the spring or fall.

    Prior to the planting of any tree, the town will schedule a site visit for you to discuss tree species and location with the town arborist. If the arborist determines that the property has a suitable location for a tree, the town will schedule the tree planting. Prior to planting, the exact location will be marked by a flag, and you will receive a letter confirming the tree species.

  4. Agreement & Release

    The Town of Chevy Chase conducts a Native Canopy Tree Planting Program pursuant to which the town authorizes the town’s contractor to plant native canopy trees on private property within the town boundaries. This service is provided at no cost to residents. However, in making the trees and the town’s contractor available to residents and paying for the trees and the contractor’s services, the town does not guarantee or accept responsibility for any trees or the services provided by the town’s contractor. Residents are responsible for maintaining the trees and for assuring that the trees are planted in a location that does not conflict with improvements or other uses of the property.

    In consideration for making the Native Canopy Tree Planting Program available to the undersigned, the undersigned agrees that he/she has read this document in its entirety, understands and agrees that the town will not be responsible for the tree(s) after it/they is/are installed, and agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the town and all of its officers, employees and agents from all suits, actions, damages, and costs which may result in any way from the selection, installation, and/or maintenance of the tree(s) provided to the resident by the town’s contractor.

  5. Agreement

    I have read this document in its entirety and understand its terms.

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