Active & Pending Building Permits

Permits are listed alphabetically by street name.

Town Permit #AddressForWater Drainage NoticeStatus
B-23-174100 Aspen StreetAddition and PoolContact OfficeActive
B-23-264106 Aspen StreetReplacement Driveway and New Retaining WallsN/AActive
B-22-254201 Bradley LaneRear AdditionN/AActive
B-23-204405 Bradley LaneAddition and DeckN/AActive
B-23-124305 Elm StreetNew HouseContact OfficeActive
B-22-174502 Elm StreetAccessory Dwelling UnitN/AActive
B-23-077011 Hillcrest PlaceRear AdditionN/AActive
B-22-224108 Leland StreetRear AdditionN/AActive
B-23-057012 Meadow LaneRear AdditionContact OfficeActive
B-17-447101 Meadow LaneRear Addition and Driveway ExpansionContact Office

B-23-197208 Oakridge AvenueSide AdditionN/AActive
B-23-117211 Oakridge AvenueNew HouseContact OfficeActive
B-21-377418 Ridgewood AvenueRear addition and deckN/AActive
B-23-024112 Rosemary StreetNew HouseContact OfficeActive
B-22-214115 Stanford StreetNew HouseContact OfficeActive
B-22-144200 Stanford StreetRear and Basement AdditionN/AActive
B-23-234312 Stanford StreetRear/Side AdditionN/AActive
B-23-094302 Thornapple StreetNew HouseContact OfficeActive
B-23-213911 Virgilia StreetRear AdditionN/AActive
B-23-224137 Woodbine StreetDriveway and Retaining WallN/AActive