Private Tree Programs

Consulting Arborist Program

Trees on both private and public property are very important to our Town. Because of a desire to help maintain and grow the tree canopy, the Town provides a program offering homeowners a consultation from the Town's arborist.

The arborist will visit your property and return to you a report on the tree health and care specific for your property. The arborist will examine trees on your property for pest infestation and hazardous conditions, such as deadwood, rot, or co-dominant branches.

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Private Native Tree Planting Program

Under this program, the Town plants native trees on private property. When a tree is requested the arborist evaluates whether there is an appropriate location on the property for a tree. The Town purchases the trees, pays for installation, and provides a water bag to assist residents with the care needed in the critical first year after planting. Residents are responsible for the long-term care of the tree(s).

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Private Canopy Tree Maintenance Program

The Private Canopy Tree Maintenance Program helps defray the cost to residents for tree maintenance work, thereby providing an incentive to help preserve and protect the Town’s native tree canopy.

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