Quiet and Clean Landscape Maintenance Contractors

ContractorOffers an Option for Service that Includes No Use of Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers* Offers an Option for Service that Includes No use of Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers Other Contractor Comments



A.I.R. provides natural, organic lawn care (note our team members are NOFA certified), and mowing using battery-powered equipment. We also sell robot mowers - like a roomba for your yard, install, service, and maintain them for you.
Aspen Services



We specialize in poison ivy removal, which is all done manually by hand, without any use of gas-powered tools. We also use electric powered blowers after lawn mowing in areas that have a restriction on gas-powered noisy blowers. 
Backyard Bounty



All our services including design, installation, maintenance and lawn care are performed according to NOFA-certified organic practices with only hand- or electric equipment.
The Enchanted Garden, LLC



The Greener Side, LLC



We offer eco-friendly maintenance using only battery-powered equipment. We also design and install projects such as storm water management, native rain gardens and conservation landscapes.
Mark Willcher & Co., INC.



Happy to go "Quiet and Green"

Moyers Lawn Service and Landscaping



Customers should let us know in advance, prior to the writing up of an estimate, if they prefer services to be conducted without gas-powered leaf blowers.
Muted Mower


A weekly subscription for quiet landscaping services starting with quiet mowing & blowing for three or more neighbors.

Oscar Centeno



I have been providing landscaping services in the area for more than 10 years, including manual and battery powered equipment.  I do pruning by hand, establishing new gardens, and provide ongoing maintenance.

Richard Landscaping, LLC



We need access to an electric outlet, and the option of having landscaping services performed without using gas powered blowers has an extra cost to our standard-traditional organic service. 

Solar Mowing



Solar Mowing ONLY uses battery-powered equipment - mowers, trimmers, and blowers.  Additionally, all our batteries are charged with renewable energy- solar and wind.

*The Town of Chevy Chase has partially banned gas-powered leaf blowers.  It is unlawful to operate gas-powered leaf blowers at any time from January 1-October 14 (allowed October 15-December 31 during designated hours).  Battery-powered and electric leaf blowers may be used all year. 

All contractors shown on this list have pledged that they conduct their business consistent with all applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations, including local "quiet hours" and equipment noise limits.  These contractors offer homeowners in Somerset, the village of Chevy Chase and the Town of Chevy Chase an option to have lawn maintenance performed at the owner’s property without use of gas-powered leaf blowers, the noisiest and most polluting variety of equipment commonly used for landscape maintenance.  Many of these contractors also perform their work in ways reflecting further quiet and/or clean practices, including contractors that offer an option to perform all their activities for a homeowner without using any gas-powered equipment.    

This list is open to all service providers who wish to be added.  Somerset, the Village of Chevy Chase and the Town of Chevy Chase make no representations, express or implied, as to the ability, fitness, or performance of any contractor listed herein.